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J.Nicole knows skin

Having spent her entire life overcoming complicated skin disorders and persevering through immense suffering from food and cosmetic allergies, J.Nicole jumped from doctor to doctor with no immediate solution in sight.


She began researching skin and chemistry at young age, trained directly with dermatologists and plastic surgeons and by the time she was 22, opened her own spa, which quickly grew from 2 to 50 employees and expanded to 2 locations: Ohio and Santa Monica, California.


J. Nicole has become an industry icon, setting a higher standard in the Beauty Industry by creating a disruption of quality and effective ingredients in skincare that delivers instant results. After 20 years of testing and research she developed the First All-in-one Skin Serum that corrects all skin types.


The patent pending product works on all aspects of your skin: aging, breakouts, brown spots, hydration and overall skin health. Overdose Skin Serum by J.Nicole crushes all misconceptions about aging with an overdose of vitamins and acids to achieve perfect skin.

Overdose is Bio hybrid technology that is made to perform.


J.Nicole is the first to produce an all in one serum combining acids, vitamins and hybrid sunflowers all in one bottle. Free of harmful chemicals, parabens, fragrances, alcohols, petroleums and other harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation and reactions. After one dose of overdose you will see immediate brightness, softness, subtleness, firmness, energized, healthy and soothing to reactive skin.


After continued use you will see a difference in texture, brown spots, lines wrinkles, acne and overall skin complexion. Go ahead, get addicted!

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I am so thankful that you have come to my website. Please try our Skin Overdose Serum and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you.