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Why are we different? Because J.NICOLE Overdose™ Bio-Hybrid Technology™ offers MORE skin care technology and MORE active ingredients for MORE of what your skin craves. Other single application anti-aging or brightening skin care products treat one or two skin conditions, but we aim to do it all. We combine potent technologically advanced multiple active ingredients, including wrinkle reducers, “age-spot” fighters and skin brighteners, exfoliators, hydrators, and soothing and calming ingredients into a powerful all-in-one patent pending formulation for MORE results.

OVERDOSE™ Bio-Hybrid Technology™ unites technologically advanced wrinkle reducers, hybrid sunflower technology, gentle exfoliants, biobased moisturizing ingredients, and soothing and calming ingredients in a synergistic all-in-one skin serum. Combining potent multiple active ingredients in a high percentage while maintaining texture, spreadability and stability over time is technically complex. Through technologically advanced ingredients, extensive research, and know-how, OVERDOSE™ has been able to combine MORE potent active ingredients to revitalize skin to a youthful brilliance.

Technologically Advanced Wrinkle Reducers

Retinol compounds are the go-to skin care ingredient for visibly smoothed out wrinkles, improved skin texture, and pores the size of pint-sized nothings. But vitamin A and other retinol compounds in higher doses have side effects such as skin irritation and sensitivity and they don’t live well in a bottle when combined with other active ingredients. J.NICOLE has amped up old retinol tech by combining a stabilized liposomal retinol, which promotes skin cell turnover and collagen production, and a second retinol-like compound, Sytenol® A, which rejuvenates skin by reducing inflammation-induced aging, serving as a broad spectrum anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. This powerful combination of MORE retinols acts synergistically to quite literally turn back the skin’s clock to a glowier, more luminous past skin.

Exfoliation Without Irritation

Flakes and blemishes – not on a J. Nicole face! You may have heard of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), but all AHAs are not equal. Common AHAs like glycolic acid can irritate the skin and leave you red and peeling. But not OVERDOSE™! (Really, we’d never let you look like a lobster.) OVERDOSE™ incorporates lactic acid in just the right amount in combination with our other active ingredients for a serum formulation that helps clear blemishes, hydrate the skin, and lighten pigment spots by loosening dead cells clinging to the skin’s surface to mildly exfoliate your skin, without irritation.

Sunflower Power

Hybrid sunflowers are at the core of our skin lightening and anti-acne technology. OVERDOSE™ features 99% pure azelaic acid, derived from hybrid sunflowers, in our product formulation for integral skin lightening (for an overall more radiant complexion), fighting “old-age spots”, and as an anti-acne ingredient. Unlike virtually all other skin lightening products that exhibit serious side reactions that are detrimental to human health, azelaic acid does not interfere with other bodily processes. Azelaic acid is also highly favorable compared to traditional anti-acne and skin lightning ingredients, as azelaic acid does not have harsh side effects such as dryness, redness, and flaking.

Moisturization Is In

Moisture, moisture, moisture. Keep the moisture in! At J. NICOLE, we know adding moisture to the skin is not enough. For real results, you have to maintain the functional and structural integrity of the cells of the upper layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, to keep the skin’s natural moisture. The higher the water content of the stratum corneum, the more plasticized it is, and the more soft and supple the skin becomes. We incorporate biobased moisturizing ingredients which are salts based on natural L-Lactic Acid, produced by fermentation of biobased carbohydrates. These biobased moisturizing ingredients are of the highest quality, providing an environmentally sustainable, safe and economic ingredient that binds and holds water in the stratum corneum and acts as a natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Other hydrating ingredients, such as niacinnamide, reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and stimulate the brightening or clearing of the skin for MORE skin moisturization, MORE skin softness, suppleness and skin hydration, and overall MORE beautiful skin.

Soothing And
Calming Ingredients

J. NICOLE understands that for ultimate usability, our product has to feel good on the face. OVERDOSE™ incorporates a complex biosaccharide which acts as a soothing and calming ingredient when applied to the skin and increases the overall performance of the skin care composition. The high L-rhamnose content in our biosaccharide inhibits cell adhesion and limits the propagation of inflammatory reactions in skin cells following an aggression and has also been shown to ß-endorphins. Our other OVERDOSE™ ingredients bring nature and technology together to enhance performance and provide a MORE luxurious feeling product that leaves the skin soft, supple, primed and ready for make-up application.