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Santa Monica, California 614.562.6663

Brilliance can describe the illumination in your skin when it is healthy and vibrant, and also the enlightenment you feel when you’ve made the right decision.


We all have a sexy side which comes from within through confidence and attitude. J.Nicole just brings that out of you.


With all the things we are passionate about, we use love to drive us forward. We want you to feel this way about using our products.


Life is better with a wild side. J.Nicole reminds you to always enjoy what you are doing and look good doing it.

About J.Nicole and how it all began

The road to here

J.Nicole experienced rare and complicated skin disorders all of her life. She began researching skin and chemistry at a young age, graduated from beauty school and trained with doctors and plastic surgeons. In 1999, J.Nicole opened her own spa in 2 locations in Pickerington, Ohio and Santa Monica, California. Finally, she invented a unique skin care product that works on 3 main aspects of the skin – Aging, breakouts and brown spots.

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